Training Programs

Stay and Train

Our unique Board & Train programs involve having your dog trained in one of our trainer’s homes, which sets us apart from other programs. What makes us different is our training style, which seamlessly translates into your own home environment.

Private Lessons

Private dog obedience lessons are one-on-one training sessions that provide personalized attention and training for dogs. They are a great option for owners who want to address specific behavior problems or for dogs who may not do well in a group setting.

Group Lessons

Group classes provide structured training sessions that can help dogs learn new commands and
behaviors. Training in a group setting can also help dogs learn to focus and listen to their owners in distracting environments.

Classes are held every Tuesday evening at various locations in the St. Charles, Missouri area.

Protection Dog Training

We are the leading group for protection dog training, with many years experience in advanced working dog training. Please contact us for more information.